Seixal Bay

Seixal Bay_B&W

Seixal Bay at the end of the afternoon


The Old Mill Man


Out for a 10 km hike around Atalaia in Portalegre (Portugal) we found an old mill just next to a small water course. While checking the mill from the outside, an old man came into us.

“Are you here for a long time” – he asked. We said we had just arrived. He happened to be the owner of those lands and mill, kindly invited us to check the mill by the inside and told us some interesting stories of it and how the mills around were important to the community in the 50’s.

“Many families grown here, now no one cares about it or about agriculture, I’m getting old and fear that no one will care about it when I’m gone” – he said. Well he’s 84 years old, but hey don’t be fooled he still drives his truck downhill, and climbs stairs in such an easy way for his age…